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AgAmerica’s mission is to provide a financial structure that allows the farmer to thrive in good times and to sleep well during tough times.

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The Objective.

AgAmerica is one of the nation’s premier agricultural land lenders, offering a spectrum of flexible loan solutions that support long-term success for farmers, ranchers, and landowners.. Known for their excellent customer service and flexible financing, they remain at the forefront of technology in their space.


AgAmerica’s website redesign came at a time when society was compelled to lean on technology more than ever before. Their website served as one of the strongest sources for lead generation. But within just a few years their vision for the brand and the customers they serve, outgrew the site and they knew it was time to build a digital space that could serve the greater needs of the agricultural community.


Furthermore, they sought to equip their customers with valuable resources through a central digital resource hub containing articles, whitepapers, and tools that could empower their customers to make stronger financial decisions in their day-to-day operations.

Unique Problems to Solve.

A Sprawling Resource Library.

In recent years AgAmerica had invested a ton of time and effort into bolstering its content. Long form articles, videos, and whitepapers had been created covering dozens of important topics. We needed to create a rich resources section that could handle all of it, deliver a consistent experience, and make content discovery simple.

Amping Up The Experience, But Keeping it Professional.

AgAmerica had a vision which included motion, grit, and dynamic storytelling and we were thrilled because that’s where we thrive. We needed to balance these aspects of the design against what one would expect from an established financial institution.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-Stack Development
Custom Application Form
Custom Land Loan Calculator
Pardot Integration
ARMs Custom Module/Integration
Commodities API Integration



Right off the bat we wanted to create a homepage experience that resonated with who AgAmerica’s customers are. Not only was the language focused on addressing their pain points, but we really aimed to highlight visuals they could relate with. Interactive modules like sliders contain information to mitigate overwhelming people with too much too fast. UI elements such as lines and the topographic map are used to help frame pages and promote scrolling.

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The mega menu for the website provides visitors with descriptive labels, brief descriptions, and visuals to ensure someone knows exactly what they’re getting when they visit a page.

Three Panel Slider

The three panel slider module is a unique take on a traditional slider and three column layout. Simply hovering over the panel reveals both additional content and a new wide screen image to go along with it.

Loan and Region Map

This loan and region map allows visitors to toggle between the different regions AgAmerica serves and quickly navigate to the appropriate landing page. The background of this map also changes based on the region to reflect the climate and crops one would expect to see there.

Blog Overview

The blog overview includes a comprehensive filtering system for blog content, as well as an easy to search option as well. This allows visitors to find exactly the content they need with little effort.

Expandable Video

This expandable module was a creative take on presenting video content on the site. The gradual scroll to expand feature intentionally slows the user down, driving them towards the featured content and improving engagement on that page.

Land Loan Page

The land loan page template was designed to quickly provide visitors with the information they need and then get them onto the right path. We also strategically placed key resources such as the farm loan calculator and health check, as well as the verification form to drive qualified leads.

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National Lending Page

One of the challenges AgAmerica faced was that prospective customers weren’t aware of the breadth of areas they served. We redesigned the national lending page to highlight some of their key differentiators and provide visitors with a quick way to narrow down to their state.

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Who We Are

The who we are page focuses on aligning AgAmerica with their customers. They don’t just lend to farmers, they actively live and participate in these communities as well, so they understand the challenges their customers are facing.

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Team Page

The team page is an important part of the site because it provides the visitor the opportunity to see the faces behind the organization. With a large (and growing) team it was important for us to allow AgAmerica to easily organize their team by service area and discipline. Tabbed controls allow you to easily sort through the individuals, and bio pop-ups allow you to learn more about each individual without cluttering the layout.

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Video Page

The video page displays their farmer docuseries in a few different ways. A bar of featured videos is visible right up top, lower on the page we break out another video with a dynamic scroll-to-expand effect. Lastly, the full library is available with the ability to easily filter or search videos within the feed.

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"The site has truly helped bring in higher quality leads, even though we receive fewer leads than before. This allows our sales team to spend more timeline on clients that need our assistance, which is huge."

- Donya-Faye Wix, Senior Marketing Manager, Ag America

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