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Extensis HR.

Extensis provides expert PEO and HRO solutions that adapt to their clients' needs. They simplify the process and ensure these clients get the best service and benefits they deserve.

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The Objective.

Extensis' main goal for their website was to update their brand to be more accessible while maintaining the professional demeanor they are known for. Naturally, they were looking for better conversions and lead generation, but Extensis was also looking to improve their navigation and to simplify users' ability to quickly obtain the information they're looking for.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Finding the Right Balance.

One significant challenge for Extensis was that they wanted to modernize their website with a friendlier approach while still maintaining the crucial "trust" factor that their clients expect. An overly flashy design might catch the eye, but might alienate people who are looking to put such an integral part of their business into Extensis' hands.

Improving Introductions.

Another pain point that Extensis faced was that they have a lot of information to share; PEO and HRO are complex services with sometimes equally complex solutions. Their new site needed to educate users with all of this information without immediately overwhelming them.

The Results.


Increase in qualified leads


In bounce rate for new visitors


Average time on site

What We Did

Logo & Branding

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-stack Development
Copy Writing

Pardot Integration



In order to streamline and improve the user experience, the new homepage sports simplified navigation and clear calls to action. This guides users to the information they need.

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Logo NEW


Logo & Branding.

Extensis has been advancing their technology and modernizing their systems, but their identity didn't reflect that. We worked with them to create an identify better aligned with their modern offerings, clarify what they're all about (HR), and differentiate them.

Mouseover Effects

Mouseover animations create visual reinforcement for users as they navigate the website.

Chat Bubbles

Creating text conversations that pop up in bubbles provides a relatable way to introduce users to the product.

PEO Solutions Page.

Due to the wide range of information that comes with PEO solutions, Extensis needed to find the balance between conveying necessary information and not overwhelming the user. This page's CTA buttons are immediately available for users to proceed, depending on their experience. Of course, it also doesn't waste time in letting users know that Extensis is the company to choose; testimonials supplement the overview of their expertise.

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Financial Services Industry Page.

Extensis offers its services to a wide variety of industries, so their industry pages offer tailored information that users might be looking for. Each one includes easy-to-understand examples of how an industry can benefit from Extensis, with plenty of opportunities to learn more from articles and a downloadable e-book.

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About Page (Our Story)

Extensis' refreshed about page highlights the company's commitment to excellence. An interactive timeline charts the company's progress since its inception, and a number of quotes from business leaders affirms their expertise.

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"HUEMOR consistently delivers high-quality work, earning the client a high ROI. A collaborative partner, they listen to their client’s needs and provide valuable suggestions. They are organized, meet with the client regularly, and keep track of milestones."

- Amy DeCicco, Senior Vice President of Marketing, ExtensisHR

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