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For more than 50 years Aerotech has been advancing precision motion control and automation for customers and industries around the world.

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The Objective.

Aerotech was seeking an agency partner that could deliver a modern, easy to manage website that could be effective on a global scale.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Highly Complex Products.

Aerotech’s product library is large and highly technical. Each product requires them to detail dozens of technical specifications, and these specifications vary widely from product to product. We needed to deliver both a consistent experience for how these are consumed by the user and managed by Aerotech on the back-end.

Custom Software Licensing.

Over the years Aerotech has developed their own system of distributing and maintaining licenses for their controller software. We needed to create a system that could communicate with their inhouse API and validate software licensing in real-time on the website.

What We Did

Digital Strategy

UI/UX Design

Full-Stack Development



Custom Product Library

Pardot Integration

Custom Software Management Solution



Aerotech creates extremely precise manufacturing equipment that allows other companies to build better equipment. Their field is highly technical and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. We needed to create a homepage that cut through the technical jargon and allowed them to effectively highlight who they are, who they help, and how their products can be best used.

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Mega Menu

This interactive mega menu structure helps visitors quickly understand the different types of solutions Aerotech provides and put a visual to them. It also allows them to easily engage with other key information on the website.

Interactive Industry Cards

These industry cards provide Aerotech with a visual way to highlight their core service areas. Hover interactions draw the attention of the user and increase their likelihood to click through to the next page.

Interactive Product Category Cards

Similar to the industry cards, these product category cards provide users with a clear visual and interaction for each category.

Interactive Map

This custom map feature allows Aerotech to show off its global presence in a creative way. It also allows users to easily get information about their closest sales region.

Custom Software Activation

This custom software activation module makes sure the right people are gaining access to their controller software. Small touches like loading prompts help the user understand their validation is in process.

Service Overview Page

This service overview page was designed to not only highlight what Aerotech can do, but what that actually means to their prospective customers from a business perspective. Faces and quotes from real Aerotech employees help add a human touch.

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About Page

Aerotech has been in business for over 50 years – that’s no small feat. We wanted to highlight their history, but also make it known that they’re not living in the past.

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Product Category Pages

Each product category page is broken up into two sections, and overview and a product catalog. The overview provides users with the value and capability of the products. It also provides the with an opportunity to highlight new and innovative products. The catalog allows users to sort products in over a dozen different ways in order to quickly find what they’re looking for.

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Individual Product Pages

As previously mentioned, there’s A LOT of complexity when it comes to their products. Dozens of mechanical and electrical specifications. Detailed ordering information. Dozens of help documents. With an audience predominantly comprised of engineers it was important all of this information was readily available, but we needed to display it in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. Breaking the page into chunks, and organizing the information clearly in tabs helped us accomplish this feat.

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"They are very good designers and understand best practices in UX along with modern design trends, etc. I am very happy with the look and feel of the new site!"

- Brian O'Connor, VP of Marketing, Aerotech

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