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Centivo is a new type of health plan that allows self-funded employers and clinicians to join forces and deliver high quality, affordable healthcare to their employees.

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The Objective.

Reliable, high-quality healthcare is crushingly expensive. But the high cost doesn't imply a high quality of service. Americans overpay for health care that underdelivers.


We partnered with Centivo to deliver a friendly digital experience that explains, to their target audience, how they combat inflated premiums and plans.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Centivo's not a plan or a provider–they're something new.

Centivo isn't a healthcare plan or provider. They're also not a traditional PEO. Their model of operation is really unique, so we were explaining what they are and their benefit to their audience that hadn't engaged with a similar type of company before.

Communicating effectively with distinctly different audiences.

Centivo serves employers, employees, and providers directly. Not only did we have to make it extremely obvious that they served these audiences, but we also needed to capture the unique benefits for each while still ensuring the overall digital experience was consistent.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-stack Development
Motion Graphics/Animation
Copy Writing
Hubspot Integration




Centvio's homepage is focused on addressing the challenge Americans face with our current healthcare options. Our strategy was to identify the problem and then quickly position Centivo as the solution.

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Centivo was adamant about staying away from stock photography, and we didn't disagree. We helped create a suite of unique illustrations centered around being inclusive and friendly.

Animated Logo

This custom animation was created to help visually communicate the meaning and background of "Centivo".

Animated Graphics

Animated graphics, such as the one featured to our left are used throughout the site to help draw attention to key points and details about Centivo and the problem at hand with the current state of health care.

Interactive Sliders

Sliders, such as the one featured to the left are used throughout the site to combine imagery and text together to concisely deliver information to the user.

Our Story

The conversation that starts on the homepage is continued on the 'Our Story' page. We use this as an opportunity to dive into more detail regarding the dysfunctional state of traditional healthcare programs. Key statistics are highlighted with an animated graphic to make sure people take notice of them. We also use this as an opportunity to highlight Centivo's ethos and mission to potential customers and investors.

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For Employers

Each audience Centivo needed to target was important, but the employer's are ultimately the ones funding the plan. Our strategy was to focus on things that were mutually beneficial to the employer and employee, such as:

  • Employees who are well taken care of are happier and more productive on average–this is a huge win for any business.
  • Centivo's heightened focus on support ensures internal HR teams are better supported.
  • In many cases, the business will experience tangible cost savings vs traditional healthcare solutions.
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For Employees

The employees' page focuses on the advantages of Centivo's plan structure. We touch on key things like having dedicated professionals guiding them to the right plans and general ease of use for their platform.

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centivo testimonial thumbnail

"HUEMOR is incredibly creative in everything they do. They were able to come up with a solution for every problem we had."

- Jari Greenbaum, Vice President of Marketing

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