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Bettr is a skincare company positioned towards the male consumer. The company focuses on an easy three step skincare routine to simplify the confusing skincare market.

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The Objective.

Bettr wanted a website that reflected the masculinity and simplicity of their brand. They needed to better highlight the value and quality their ingredients provide their customers Lastly, they needed a website that could grow with the brand for the next few years.

Unique Problems to Solve.

A Dark Color Palette

Most beauty brands have white, light, and bright websites. Not Bettr. Catering to a male demographic their branding was dark and sleek - so the website had to follow suit.

Quality Ingredients = A Quality Website

The beauty space is highly competitive, even when it comes to men’s products. Bettr’s ingredients are one of their key differentiators from other brands. We needed to figure out a way to highlight their ingredients without detracting from the overall lifestyle feel of the website.

What We Did

Digital Strategy

UI/UX Design

Design and Development

Web Development



The homepage is what will ultimately welcome customers to Bettr’s website, therefore the customers are greeted with the dark color palette that emphasizes the mascline theme throughout the brand and product. The products are also initially highlighted on the homepage to get straight to the point. Images are used to highlight people using the product and Bettr’s Instagram account is integrated to the homepage to display even more images of the products and products usage.

Homepage Bettr

Product Page.

The initial product page shows all of the products and product bundles as well as influencers using Bettr’s products in a carousel of images. Each individual product page has a detailed description of the product including the various benefits of the product such as it being animal cruelty free or that it is dermatologist approved. There are also various images to show all angles of the product plus the packaging. Reviews are also made visible easily as it is the first text that draws attention of the customer.


On the bundled product pages, the ingredients used in each product is shown to showcase the reasons each ingredient is used within the product. This is done for all of their products included in the product bundle. Towards the end of the page, gifs are used to show an actual person using the product as a strong cause and effect as well as to demonstrate how to use the product.

Product Page Bettr
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Product Quiz.

The product quiz was created with the purpose of helping customers find the product that is just right for them! The quiz is detailed by asking customers what problems they currently have with their skincare products, what they currently do for skincare, etc. The quiz finalizes by showing various products and product combinations that would help the customer.

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The ingredients used within Bettr’s products is something they are really proud of and wanted to highlight to potential customers! Ingredients are shown for each product when the image of each product is clicked upon. The reasons for using each ingredient are explained in a pop-up when the ingredients are clicked on. It also shows which products each ingredient is used in. The benefits of each ingredient is shown in the pop-up as well.

Ingredients Bettr
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