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Dwight Funding.

Dwight Funding is a group of passionate entrepreneurs that help growth stage companies by providing flexible credit options to businesses through asset based lending.

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The Objective.

With a modern approach to lending, Dwight helps growth stage businesses eliminate their cash flow issues. Since their start in 2015 they have quickly made a name for themselves for their innovative approach, light covenants, and superior customer service.


However, Dwights’ branding wasn’t conveying their businesses maturity, sophistication or breadth of what they’re capable of.


Along with their desired rebranding, Dwight Funding wanted a website that they were proud of and could point people in the right direction. They needed to clearly and quickly communicate who their ideal customer is, what exactly they’re capable of, and show real-world examples that backed up their claims.

Unique Problems to Solve.

New Brand, Who is Dwight Funding?

One of the goals of the website redesign was to reband Dwight Funding. This meant an overhaul of the imagery used on their website, such as their logo. Their logo was redesigned and used throughout the website, along with their “DF” initials and the use of their name, Dwight Funding.

Taking a Friendly Tone.

As a part of Dwight Funding’s rebranding they were looking to take on a friendly tone with their clients without compromising their professionalism. With this switch, they were looking for graphics, images, and an overall copyright that reflected this tone. As a result, the Company page was a big deal! A photoshoot of their employees was set up in order to ensure a cohesive brand.

What We Did

Digital Strategy

UI/UX Design

Complete Rebranding/Logo


Design and Development

SEO Deliverables

Web Development



In our discovery phase we identified that motion would be a key opportunity for differentiation. Throughout the website you’ll find small instances of subtle animation and motion layered into the design. The copy also indicates what their business goal of helping customers is, as well as their “Dwight Difference”. The use of graphics to show the various industries they work with the most draws in the customer’s eye as the graphics change within the customizable "DF” logo and imagery. The Homepage also includes a fixed slider that slides between the various industries Dwight Funding works with. To wrap-up the Homepage, at the bottom there are three rotating quotes from real clients of Dwight Funding along with a “Contact Us” CTA button which links to Dwight Funding’s “Contact” page.

homepage dwightfunding
dwightfunding logo


DF LogotypeColor@2x


Logo & Branding.

Creating a meaningful logo and branding for Dwight was a key part of this website redesign. The use of colors, symbols, and imagery was important in conveying to their clients Dwight’s messaging. The letting of “D” of Dwight and “F” of Funding was bolded to give Dwight a stronger presence throughout the website to create a unity between the two words.

Hero Slider.

The Her Slider was added to the website to showcase the industries Dwight works alongside. Users will gravitate towards Dwight through seeing images specific to their industry. From this users are likely to explore more of the site to gain valuable information and enter into Dwight’s sales funnel.

Industry Section.

Each industry that Dwight Funding works with (eCommerce, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, and SaaS) allows Dwight to speak directly to their target customer in each vertical. The fixed scroll quickly displays information about each industry on their respective webpages. There is also imagery on each page related to their given industry, which helps to give the website a recurring theme throughout.

Product Compare Table.

The Product Compare Table visually shows Dwight’s customers how they stand out against their competitors. The table also highlights the strengths of Dwight through positive visual symbols such as a checkmark that indicates to their customers they are superior to their competitors.

Product Page.

The Product page lays out their process for working with clients, which ties back to the friendly tone they were looking to include, as well as sharing what their company does without the technical jargon. We also decided to produce a comparison graph to highlight how Dwight is superior to other available funding options. This page is also followed by a section that lays out what their typical client looks like with the use of various graphics as bullet points which draws back to their goal of finding a happy middle ground between friendly and professional.

productpage dwightfunding
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Industries Landing Page.

The Industries Landing Page highlights the areas where Dwight is ahead of their competition along with a focus on why businesses should choose to work with Dwight. This is done through a clean design and using the secondary colors of Dwight’s branding.

industries dwightfunding

Success Stories Overview

The Success Stories page was added to highlight previous and current clients as a way of branching out to a larger audience, as well as growing their business and maintaining an openness to their brand. This was done in partnership with branding to convey the experience and expectations of Dwight Funding in a meaningful way.

success stories dwightfunding

Success Story Individual

The clean design of each individual Success Story highlights the copy and explains how Dwight Funding can benefit other companies. The Success Story points out key topics such as statistical information to draw in their audience.

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