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Tanya Taylor.

Inspired by the electric optimism and fearless nature of our founder, Tanya Taylor, strives to bring colorful confidence and high-energy happiness to women’s wardrobes through the artful use of color and original prints. Every print is hand-painted in our New York design studio and is imbued with personal meaning and storytelling.

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The Objective.

Tanya Taylor's fun and lively clothing are designed to make women of all sizes look amazing. With strong brick-and-mortar retail presence in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom and recent red carpet features they had quickly gained international popularity.


Tanya Taylor was seeking an agency partner to help them work through their growing pains. They needed direction in many aspects of their online business, from operational challenges such as order fulfillment to design challenges such as an elevated user experience.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Seamless experience between standard and extended size products.

One of Tanya Taylor's core beliefs is that women of all sizes should have access to amazing clothing. It was critical that products could offer all available sizes with their appropriate models in a single product page experience.

Keeping the aesthetic clean, yet personable.

It was important that the brand felt premium, but it also inclusive for all different types of women as this is their key differentiator. The interface, colors, copy, imagery, and experience all needed to unite perfectly to make this happen.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
Creative Direction
UI/UX Design
Full-stack Web Development
3PL Integration



The homepage for Tanya Taylor let's their creative and colorful clothing designs do all of the talking. Strategically, the homepage is used to call attention to new collections and highlight high-margin products for the brand.

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Product Page

Tanya Taylor's product pages are designed to include all sizes in one place, rather than dividing them up across multiple product pages like other retailers. Selecting different sizes reveals different models wearing the clothing so the shopper can see a better representation of themselves.

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Product Collections

Product collection pages are organized into a clean grid. Keeping in line with Tanya Taylor's differentiator, it was important that the product collection pages showcase a wide variety of women modeling the clothing.

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