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Square One.

The Square One Project brings together leading experts and community members across social and criminal justice fields to develop practical reforms and to reconceptualize how we approach justice reform today.

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The Objective.

For their new website, the Square One Project wanted to become the go-to resource for topics related to criminal justice reform. A significant pillar of Square One’s mission is to expand the conversations among professional and community leaders; making such information readily available is a significant hurdle. It was paramount to provide their expert information and studies in a clear and concise manner.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Raising Awareness.

Because the sharing of ideas is so integral to Square One’s mission, the ability to spread them to a larger audience was a huge goal for the initiative. The website makes it easy to find, learn, and share information to anyone who’s interested.

Building a Resource.

On top of accessibility, the Square One Project offers a platform for trusted experts and researchers. They want to become known as a trusted resource for policy makers, advocates, and community members who are looking to make a change.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-stack Development
Copy Writing



The landscape of criminal justice reform is constantly evolving, and it’s important that the Square One Project stays current. The homepage features their latest organizational updates and articles, letting their ideas and actions take center stage. A banner above the navigation encourages users to become involved themselves by RSVP’ing to their latest Roundtable event. 


The page was designed to encourage active participation and education with each link and description. It even concludes by highlighting two major facets of the Project’s work: Executive Sessions and the aforementioned Roundtables.

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About Page.

Here, the Square One Project explains its origin and its goals as an organization. The page not only includes bios and credentials for its team members, but also links to the additional experts who have collaborated with them on roundtables and session papers.

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Experts Page.

Trust starts with the people involved. We decided to create a clean grid of experts without the clutter of bios being there by default. This way, as you survey each person you can really focus in on their face. Filters on the left hand side allow users to easily reorganize this group by work area.

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Executive Session Page.

In building the Square One Project as a resource for policymakers, the featured Executive Session papers play a key role. Here, users can peruse and download articles published by experts in their field. Beyond the outlines available here, each one leads to a specialized page for each article. Further establishing credibility is the ability to “join the conversation” online. The page aggregates posts about the Square One Project from across Twitter.

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