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Green 2.0.

People of color are the most impacted by environmental problems and the least represented in positions of power.


Green 2.0 believes that in the 21st century, the success of environmental causes will be based on our ability to transform them into more just, inclusive, and relevant organizations and movements.


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The Objective.

Green 2.0 (Formerly Green Diversity) was seeking an agency partner to help them re-brand and more clearly communicate their organizations mission.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Communicating A Complex Challenge.

Green 2.0 focuses on intersection of racial inequality and environmental impact. Most are aware of these issues individually, but few truly understand how they compound and exacerbate one another. We needed to help them develop clear language that clearly communicated this challenge.

Creating A System for Annual Reports.

Green 2.0 produces really in-depth annual reports that sheds light on these glaring issues. Previously the only way of distributing these were via PDF. We needed to create a dynamic, web based way for them to share these reports to improve their visibility.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-stack Development
Copy Writing

Brand Identity Development



The Green 2.0 homepage focuses on powerful language to capture the visitors interest. Lower on the page we put key reports and partnerships in front of the visitor to help them easily connect with their research and understand how they can get involved.

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Logo Design

Our design for Green 2.0's new logo features an organic mark which can be interpreted in a few different ways. The custom type face is strong, but still friendly and inclusive. Overall, we wanted a mark that could stand on it's own and a symbol that could be used in multiple creative ways.

About Page.

The about page digs further into mission of Green 2.0 and what they’re all about. It also provides you with an opportunity to learn more about the individuals behind the cause.

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Transparency Reports.

We created a consistent, mobile friendly landing page template for their reports to supplement their PDF reports. This eliminates a barrier (downloading a separate PDF) an allows their information to be more easily shared across the web.

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green 2 testimonial

"There are a lot of companies that can do good work, but HUEMOR’s responsiveness is what sets them apart. Not to mention, they’re always friendly and supportive."

- Andres Jimenez, Executive Director, Green 2.0

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