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Ironside creates custom computers for gamers serious about performance. Their unique designs packed with bleeding-edge tech have made them one of the most desirable boutique custom computer companies on the market to date.

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The Objective.

Ironside Computers had a loyal fanbase of gamers, but their product customization process was a confusing labyrinth that lost more customers than it earned. We streamlined this side of their business to improve customer satisfaction and take their brand to the next level.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Making Customization Simple.

Ironside can do just about anything to a computer to tailor it to their customers needs. However, prior to our engagement they were limited with what they could do online – we needed to take their robust customization options and make it easy to use on the site for desktop and mobile.

Going Next Level With Their Aesthetic.

Ironside caters to 16-25 year old gamers. They're used to major level game production graphics and aesthetics, and the Ironside website needed to hold up to that. We needed to create an aesthetic that lined up with their gaming experiences and add little 'easter eggs' along the way.

What We Did

Digital Strategy

UI/UX Design

Full-Stack Development


Custom Product Customizer




IS homepage

Ironside Computers builds gaming systems because they love gaming. Their philosophy is that while anyone can do something well, passion is what truly inspires excellence.


Annual Sales Growth


Higher Average Order Value


International Awards

The Challenge

Improve the customization process for a reputable brand with a large social media following.

Before this partnership, Ironside was already a reputable brand in the gaming industry. They had a significant following on social media and on their YouTube channel; however, their website's user experience (UX) left a lot to be desired.


The biggest problems for Ironside lay with their customization process. They knew that taking action could improve the customer experience, which would ultimately help them grow their brand and business.

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Clear and easy customization

IS filterable categories

fig 1. Filterable component categories

IS selection

fig 2. Active selection & cost to upgrade

IS modal

fig 3. Information modal

IS case color change optimized

fig 4. Filterable component categories

IS sidebar

fig 5. Sidebar containing user-selected components & open component list

The Solution

Unique Brand Narratives to Forge a Stronger Voice

In any industry, it’s important to play to your strengths if you want to stand out from the competition. With Huemor’s help, Ironside was able to leverage unique brand narratives to forge a stronger voice that struck a chord with the gaming audience.


Huemor had to get to grips with Ironside’s industry, which involved learning more about the internal workings of computers. However, it was an essential step on the journey to transforming the fortunes of their client.


Ironside had done their homework on their competition, which enabled them to craft a clear vision of where they wanted to take their own company. By working closely with the Huemor team, a well-oiled partnership was formed, which paved the way for Ironside’s vision to become reality.

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fig 6. Ironside series landing page

IS series page
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